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Youth "Indoor" Meet Heats Up at Youngker High School

While the trip to Youngker HS in Buckeye was a far distance for many of the youth USATF Arizona participants, the facility and results were definitely worth the extra-early wake up call.

8U Girls

Amayla Burnett (Arizona Cheetahs) showed she could be the girl to beat this year in the 8U division sprints as she took 1st in the 55 m (9.51), 2nd in the 200 m (34.57) and 1st in the 400 m (1:22.01) for an impressive triple. Amayla improved her 400 m time by over three seconds.

Another impressive 8U sprint triple was accomplished by one Arianna Quarles (Arizona Cheetahs) who placed 2nd in the 55 m (9.54), 3rd in the 200 m (35.07 - where she dropped over a second from her seed time) and another 3rd in the 400 m, where she had almost a 7-second drop to a great finish of 1:24.37.

Ava Davis (Arizona Track Stars) was no slouch in the 8U sprints either. She grabbed 1st place in the 200 m (33.93) and then just missed 1st place in the 400 m by running a gutsy 1:22.18. And for good measure, Ava won the 800 m (3:17.42) showing her range into the mid-distance realm as well.

Another notable athlete in the 8U sprints was Ella Buettner (Elite Striders), who is still only 6 years old, snatching 3rd place in the 55 m with a finish of 9.82. She then came back in the long jump to take 4th and have a new personal best by over .3 meters (2.0 m).

Great improvements in the sprints were had by these young ladies in the 200 m:

  • Jiyu Montano (Elite Striders) - huge PR (1:03.06) to 54.5

  • Alaya Felix (AZ Cheetahs) - (47.29) to 42.67

  • Aaliya Gardner (AZ Flames) huge PR (55.82) to 43.22

Alaya Felix also managed to win the girls shot put with a throw of 4.66 meters.

In the 400 meters, Soraya Lindsey (Arizona Cheetahs) had a 6th place finish and a huge improvement from her seed time of 1:46.01, as she finished in 1:37.13.

Arianna Hurtado (Accelerate Track) took first in the 1500 meters and sliced nearly 25 seconds off her seed time to run a 7:04.63.

The girls long jump found these ladies goimg 1-2-3:

  1. Jaysha Bell (AZ Cheetahs) 2.21 m.

  2. Amiyah Land (AZ Cheetahs) 2.20 m.

  3. Joi Harrison (Elite Striders) 2.07 m.

9-10 Girls

Mayen Usuro (Do Right) took 1st in the 200 m (29.92) and slipped under 70-seconds for the first time this year as she bested a strong field in the 400 m (1:07.01).

Camryn Hunter (AZ Cheetahs) had two second-place finishes on Saturday. She ran a fast 8.5 in the 55 meter and then broke her seed time (30.86) by over .5 seconds as she silvered in 30.13.

Two top-3 places is pretty good, but Kassie DeVorce (AZ Cheetahs), upped the ante with her three top-3 places at Youngker High School. She took 3rd in the 55 m (8.55), 3rd in the 200 m (30.36) and 2nd in the 400 m with a sub-70 time (1:08.59).

Other young ladies not to sleep on this 2018 season in the 8U division are Imani Galera-Young (AZ Cheetahs), who took first in the 55 m (8.44), and Taliyah Word (AZ Cheetahs), who finished 3rd in the 400 m (1:12.12).

Girls with some really superb sprint time improvements over the weekend were:

  • Jamiyah Ware (AZ Cheetahs) who improved her 200 m from 39.7 to 35.24.

  • Peyton Ellis (Distance University) in the 400 meter going from 1:36.14 to 1:28.24.

  • Analise Parrish (Distance University) in the 400 m improving from 1:42.96 to 1:33.33.

  • Kassie Bell (AZ Cheetahs) in the 400 m bettering her 1:43.83 to 1:34.60.

As we moved to the longer distances, Olivia Neve (Distance University) smashed the competition in the 800 m with a new early season PR of 2:55.68 and then later placed 2nd in the 1500 m with yet another PR (6:03.31).

The other top places in the 800 meters were Kumiah Fisher (AZ Cheetahs), who took 2nd place (3:02.45) and Abigail Schultz (Elite Striders) who strode to 3rd (3:04.86).

Girls who had some big time improvements in the 800 were:

  • Kalia Washington (AZ Flames) from 3:18.04 to 3:12.07.

  • Jaleah Blume (Do Right) from 3:24.43 to 3:15.48.

  • Quinn Mullen (Phoenix Bobcats) from 3:39.80 to 3:18.99 - YOWZA, SISTER!!!

Emery Levin (NX Level) won the 1500 meters, just missing breaking the 6-minute barrier (6:01.98) and Kalia Washington (AZ Flames) got the bronze with a 6:22.49 line crossing.

Field events at Youngker HS had Kianna Noyd (AZ Flames) winning the high jump (1.0 m), Bre'Anne Cryer (AZ Cheetahs) winning the shot put (5.19 m) and having these top-three girls going over the 3-meter mark in the long jump:

  1. Jaiden Ware (AZ Cheetahs) - 3.58 m

  2. Hayden Wolach (Phoenix Bobcats) - 3.44 m

  3. Naeemah Harper (Az Cheetahs) - 3.10 m

11-12 Girls

Stacey Onyepunuka (Arizona Rising Suns) is having a fierce early season as she flew to three 1st-place victories in the 55 m (7.68), the 200 m (27.36) and got closer to the 60-second barrier in the 400 (1:01.48).

Tatiana White (AZ Flames) found a second-place finish in the 55 m (7.92) and then slipped under the 30-second line in the 200 m for a 3rd place time of 29.22.

The other 11-12 girls who finished in the top-3 in the sprints were the following:

  • Sniyah Cade (AZ Cheetahs) - 3rd in 55 m (8.09)

  • Naomi Malone (Unattached) - 2nd in 200 m (28.34) and 2nd in 400 m (1:03.69)

  • Sara Ortiz (NX Level) - 3rd in 400 m (1:07.04) - dropped over 2 seconds from her seed time.

Girls with some good time improvements in the 200 meters:

  • Dallas Ross (AZ Cheetahs) 39.08 to 36.04

  • Amaya Sanchez (AZ Cheetahs) 43.73 to 40.54

  • Natalie Reeves (AZ Flames ) 45.71 to 42.73 (also in the 400 m - 1:44.25 to 1:33.52)

400-meter HUGE time improvements by these young ladies:

  • Navae Guidry (AZ Flames) 1:22.89 to 1:11.85

  • Tylee Crockett (Distance University) 1:33.14 to 1:22.48

The longer distance events found some good early season results. In the 800 meters three girls dipped under 2:50. Sara Ortiz (NX Level) squeaked out first (2:41.02) over Uriyah Whiten (Do Right) (2:41.88) with Madeline Daily (Distance University) crossing in third (2:49.32).

Some outstanding 800-meter improvements came from these three pre-teens:

  • Natalia Delgado-Valdez (ArizonaAthletics) 3:17.72 to 3:04.56

  • Addison Seabaugh (Distance University) 3:18.29 to 3:08.57 (also a huge 1500 m improvement from 6:53.44 to 6:17.23).

  • Nalaejah Harris (Do Right) 3:20.23 to 3:08.93

Landen LeBlond (NX Level), a perennial top Arizona age-group distance runner, cruised to win both the 1500 m (5:11.50) and 3000 m (11:23.11) on Saturday.

To round out the top-3 in the 1500 meters we had a NX Level team sweep with Rylee Rafferty taking 2nd (5:30.62) and Chloe Callison finishing third (5:46.28). When you add 800-meter runner, Sara Ortiz to this mix from NX Level, it looks like they could have a pretty mean 4x800 by the end of the season.

Bianca Hurtado (Accelerate Track) had a nice personal improvement in the 1500, as she went from a 6:10.69 seed time to a 5:57.61 finish.

To round out the day, The 55-meter hurdles was won by Alicia Reynolds (Arizona Track & Field Academy) in 10.92, the high jump was won by Tatiyanna White (AZ Flames) in 1.3 meters and the shot put was won by mini-javelin All-American Coco Velasquez (AZ Flames) in 7.49 m.

13-14 Girls

Unattached athlete, Trinity Henderson continued her dominance in the long sprints by winning the 200 m (26.01) and the 400 m (60.08).

In the 55-meter dash, all three girls broke 8 seconds with Tara Sommerville (AZ Cheetahs) taking 1st (7.58), Saniah Christian (AZ Cheetahs) placing 2nd (7.71) and Sabatiney Onyepunuka (AZ Rising Suns) finishing 3rd (7.90). Sommerville and Sabatiney also ran well in the 400 m. Sommerville placed 2nd in 1:04.08 and breathing down her neck was Sabatiney who managed to finish in a time of 1:04.63.

The 200 m 2nd and 3rd place contestants were Indiah Fields (Unattached) in 27.08 and another unattached athlete, Neya Jamison, who clocked in at 27.63

Other runners with some fine improvements to their seed times in the 200 and 400 were:

  • Katelyn Kragrud (AZ Cheetahs) - 29.57 to 28.40 in the 200 m.

  • Brooklyn Gray (Unattached) - 34.50 to 32.42 in the 200 m.

  • Tatiyana Angry (AZ Rising Suns) - 1:17.06 to 1:09.79 in the 400 m

  • Natalie Wright (Elite Striders) - 1:23.07 to 1:15.80 in the 400 m.

  • Sofia Gachuz (AZ Rising Suns) - 1:24.39 to 1:17.04

Bethany McCallister (Arizona Track & Field Academy), one of the stronger and more consistent distance runners in youth club track in Arizona, managed decisive double wins on Saturday, when she took 1st in the 800 m (2:33.57) and also in the 1500 m (5:12.18).

In the 800 m, Lauren Kazaroff (AZ Cheetahs) and Malayka Diop (Elite Striders) took 2nd and 3rd respectively with times of 2:38.90 and 2:47.36. The 1500 meters saw Megan Arganbright (NX Level) and Britney Perera (AZ Speedstars) go second and third with good early season times of 5:30.82 and 5:32.02, respectively.

Big drops in times were seen in the middle distance events by Hailey Hileman (Phoenix Bobcats), who went from a seed time of 3:04.88 to a finishing time of 2:55.58; also, Nicole Aubry Fields (NX Level) cut off nearly ten seconds from her seed time to finish with a new PR of 3:11.97. And to round out the distance day in the 13-14 girls division, Britney Perera (AZ Speedstars) won the 3000 m in 12:09.26.

Other event winners include:

  • Neya Jamison (Unattached)- 55-meter hurdles - 9.11

  • Paige Platt (Flight Club) - high jump / shot put - 1.50 m / 8.13 m

  • Brooklyne Gabrisko (Phoenix Bobcats) - pole vault - 2.34 m

  • Alexa Hamilton (Arizona T&F Academy) - long jump - 4.71 m

  • Gloriah Hussey (Unattached) - triple jump - 9.52 m

15-16 Girls

Rylee Perkins (Power Forward) won the 55 m dash in 7.63 seconds and also took 1st in the long jump in 5.07 meters. Jayde Charlton (Elite Striders) captured the 200 m title in 25.77. Three young women went under the 60-second threshold, including 200 m champ, Jayde Charlton (58.62), Jocelyn Johnson (Unattached) (59.41) and Ella Escobar (NX Level) (59.34). Ella also showed her track & field range by winning the shot put in 6.91 meters.

Two strong personal time drops in the 400 meters came from Kiana Jack (Do Right), who went from a 1:25.55 seed time to going way under 80 seconds (1:15.22); and Ifeoluwa Omotinugon (AZ Cheetahs) who had a seed time of a smidgen over 90-seconds to nearly breaking 80-seconds on Saturday (1:20.66).

In the 800 m, two girls broke 2:50 with Madeline Shoemaker (Phoenix Flyers) taking 1st in 2:40.60 and Natalia Boring (NX Level) coming in 2nd in 2:47.10. In the other distance events, Megan Joksimovic (Phoenix Bobcats) won the 1500 m (6:04.01) and Kennedy Archer (Phoenix Bobcats) triumphed in the 3000 m in 11:49.79.

Victors in the other events went as follows:

  • Rahni Turner (AZ Flames) - 55-meter hurdles - 8.95

  • Logan Miller (Phoenix Bobcats) - pole vault 2.46 m

17-18 Girls

Jensen Gomez (Phoenix Bobcats) seemed to have an affinity for the 55-meter distance, as she took first place in both the 55-meter dash (7.90) and the 55-meter hurdles (9.21). Eimi Delacerda (Mustang Stampede) won the 200 m (28.64) and Madison Young (Unattached) took the win in the 400 meter in 1:06.42.

Melissa Rohrer (Mustang Stampede) seemed to be getting ready for a heptathlon down the line, as she won the high jump (1.40 m), triple jump (10.34 m) and shot put (9.57 m) on Saturday.

Nyja Hereder and teammate Isabel Anchondo (Mustang Stampede) cleared the same height in the pole vault (2.03 meters), but Nyja took the win based off of earlier attempt height misses. Lastly, Jourdan Chavez (Unattached) won the long jump in 4.66 meters.

8U Boys

Eldaah Sharpe (AZ Cheetahs) tripled in the 55 m, 200 m and 400 m and took 2nd in the first two and sneaked a win in the last (8.74, 32.26 and 1:17.13). Ari'eon Stevenson (Arizona Cheetahs) took 3rd in the 55 m (8.77) and won the 200 m (31.85). And the last member of this 55/200 threesome was Nekhi Lambeth (Arizona Track Stars) who won the 55 m (8.68) and placed 3rd in the 200 m (32.28).

Two big personal bests in the 200 m came form:

  • Aaron Whitten (Do Right) 37.06 (seed time 44.75)

  • Naeem Steward (AZ Rising Suns) 45.45 (seed time 56.56)

While Eldaah Sharpe won the 400, the next three runners all flew under the 1:20 divide:

  • Josiah Davis (Arizona Track Stars) 1:17.16 kicks it in for the tight second place spot.

  • Kashtin DeVorce (AZ Cheetahs) 1:17.21.

  • Jaylen Richardson (AZ Cheetahs) 1:19.89.

Here are some more significant personal records set on Saturday in the 400:

  • Kamari Oakry (AZ Cheetahs) 1:36.12 to 1:27.33.

  • Beckem Hall (Distance University) 1:35.59 to 1:29.78.

  • Mateo Rodriguez (Distance University) 1:48.24 to 1:38.26.

  • Naeem Steward (AZ Rising Suns) 1:55.33 to 1:48.35.

In the middle-distance races we had Josiah Davis (Arizona Track Stars), who took 2nd in the 400 and won the 800 in 2:53-flat. But maybe the most impressive run and improvement of the day was by MacArthur Hall (Distance University) who had a seed time of 4:57.19 and ran a 3:56.28 - over a 1-minute improvement!

The 1500 meter was won by Eli Gruman (Do Right) in a very respectable time of 6:39.12.

Moving to field events, we had Mehki Storkel (Unattached) win the long jump in 3.02 m, Paix Montano (Elite Striders) 2nd in 2.97 m and Kamari Oakry (AZ Cheetahs) 3rd with a jump of 2.53 m. The shot put was won buy Casden Matsler (Unattached) who had a half meter season PR of 5.45 meters.

9-10 Boys

There were some good races in the 9-10 boys division at Youngker. In the 55-meter dash, Laqwain Davis (Power Forward) took the win in 8.28, Donjerome McKoy (AZ Flames) in a close 2nd (8.31) and Phoenix Flyers' Auggie Grimm managed to hang on to third (8.74).

Amir Thomas (Do Right) was the champion in the 200, 400 and 800 meter races (29.88, 1:08.90 and 2:40.06). Alijah Whiten (Arizona Track Stars) managed 3rd place in both the 200 and 400 races (31.60 and 1:13.18). Cedric Corbin (Do Right) finished 2nd in the 200 m (31.23) and Benjamin Harris, also a Do Right runner, placed 2nd in the 400 m (1:11.86).

These kids showed great development in their 200 and 400 times:

  • Brian Roy-Macauley (AZ Rising Suns) - 200 m - 43.66 to 37.09 / 400 m - 1:42.14 to 1:35.80

  • Kason Anderson (AZ Cheetahs) - 200 m - 51.97 to 47.93

  • Josiah Levin (NX Level) - 400 m - 1:26.06 to 1:20.47

  • Noah Gruman (Do Right) - 400 m - 1:31.58 to 1:24.73

Josiah Levin (NX Level), who had a nice time drop in the 400, won the 1500 in a solid 5:44.92 finish.

Other top-of-podium athletes were:

  • Elite Strides 4x300 Relay (Gabriel, Ontiveros, Corey Freeman, Jr., Le'Markus Corley and Tamer Elfiki) - 4:27.19

  • Joseph Lucas (Flight Club) - high jump / long jump - 1.10 m / 3.27 m

  • Kingston Morrow (Power Forward) - shot put - 6.39 m

11-12 Boys

Germiah Flunder (AZ Rising Suns) had a strong showing on Saturday. He took 1st in the 55 m (7.74), 2nd in the 200 m (27.94) and 2nd in the 400 m (1:03.21). Weslan Sammie Hunter (AZ Cheetahs) saw two blue ribbons with wins in the 200 m (27.55) and 400 m (1:00.35). And Damaryon Huckaby (Arizona Track Stars) had two third place ribbons with his 200 m (28.31) and 400 m (1:03.77) races.

In the 55 meters, Elijah Roberson (Elite Striders) just missed 1st with a second place time of 7.78 and Cameron Cooke (AZ Cheetahs) followed in 3rd with a clocking of 7.91 seconds.

The most impressive time upgrades in the 200 and 400 came from these athletes:

  • Dakari Cooper (Huron Athletics) - 200 m - 35.6 to 31.59

  • Elijahuan Gary (Do Right) - 400 m - 1:21.98 to 1:10.80

  • Marquise Lambert (Do Right) - 400 m - 1:27.67 to 1:16.10

  • Maddox Davis (AZ Cheetahs) - 400 m - 1:45.52 to 1:16.12 - WHATTT!!!???

The middle-distance races found teammates following each other. In the 800 meters, Josiah Anderson (AZ Rising Suns) won from the 1st heat by .05 seconds (2:38.74) over 3rd heat winner, Phoenix Flyer's Braden Lolli (2:38.79). Lolli's teammate, Micah Newkirk took 3rd overall (2:44.36). In the 1500 m, NX Level went 1-2 with Jacob Levin winning in 5:28.83 and teammate James Wagner 10 seconds back in 5:39.02. Joseph Redivo (Elite Striders) managed a third place finish in 5:51.64.

Aidan Squires (Phoenix Bobcats) ran a good early season time of 11:51.70 in the 3000 meter race. Legend Stewart (AZ Flames) won the 55-m hurdles in 9.54 and the high jump in 1.37 m. And in the one throwing event of the day, the shot put, Elijah Roberson (Elite Striders) showed he was not just not fast (2nd in 55-m dash) but had some power as he threw 7.63 m for the win.

13-14 Boys

There are some seriously wicked 13-14 boys in Arizona!

  • John Ruvo, IV (Phoenix Bobcats) won the 55 and 200 (6.86, 24.26).

  • Brian Fair, Jr (AZ Rising Suns) took 2nd in the 200, won the 400 and jumped in the 800 for a 2nd place result (24.30, 54.04, 2:17.18)

  • Landon Meche (NX Level) took 3rd in the 200 and won the 800 (24.78, 2:16.19)

  • Cobly Miltenberger (Phoenix Bobcats) had 2nd place in the 55, 1st in 55 hurdles and 1st in the long jump (7.32, 8.82, 5.70 m)

  • Steven Williams (Arizona Speedstars) 3rd place in 55 m dash (7.52).

Along with Brian Fair, Jr. and Landon Meche, 3 other boys in 400 meters dipped under the 60-second demarcation line:

  • Jayden Davis (Unattached) - 57.59.

  • Yan Vazquez (AZ Flames) - 59.44. Yan also won the high jump in 1.55 meters.

  • Aryonne Bayliss (Unattached) - 59.80.

And Ke'Jzon Lambert (Do Right) had a nearly 9-second drop in his 400 m, where he went from 1:24.3 to 1:15.96; and then had a 9-second improvement in his 800 m, as he ran 3:23.20.

In the 800 m, there were some more stellar positive time revisions for these two lads:

  • Conner Lange (AZ Speedstars) - 2:53.49 to 2:42.86

  • Brenden Lacy (Distance University) - 3:42.54 to 3:18.94 - Yikes that's impressive!!

Elijah Levin (NX Level) owned the two distance events on Saturday by running 4:44.94 in the 1500 m after running 10:12.17 earlier in the 3000 meters.

Nicholas LeJander (AZ Cheetahs) won the shot put in a formidable 12.59 mark.

15-16 Boys

We had a few boys place in the top-3 in multiple events on the west side Saturday:

  • Camden Matten (AZ Burn) - 1st in 55 m, 2nd in 200 m (6.65, 23.44)

  • Kaden Cloud (Accelerate Track) - 2nd in 55 m, 3rd in 200 m (7.05, 24.59)

  • Owen Thomas (Mustang Stampede) - 3rd in 55 m, 3rd in 400 m (7.13, 55.11)

  • Issac Davis (Unattached) - 1st in 200 m, 1st in 400 m (23.24, 50.31)

  • Huron Athletics' Jarron Stevens had a nice season PR of 54.81 to take 2nd place in the 400 and also managed another 2nd place in the 800 m (2:13.94).

Mason LeBlonde (NX Level) and D'Ari Lambert (Do Right) improved their personal season bests in the 400 by nearly 5 seconds each as they ran 1:04.48 and 1:08.73, respectively.

In the two-lapper we saw Hunter Garrido (Phoenix Bobcats) win the event out-striding Jarron Stevens in a time of 2:13.55. Not to be forgotten, Darian Chiappelli (Mustang Stampede) saw the best personal time plunge in his race, going from a 2:29.89 seed time to a 2:25.79 finish.

More winners in the 15-16 boys age group:

  • Derek Young (Distance University) - 3000 m - 11:07.78.

  • Steven Hoffaman, Jr (Mustang Stampede) - 55 hurdles - 10.49.

  • Chase Babb (Mustang Stampede) - high jump / long jump - 1.47 m / 5.11.

  • Brady Stone (Mustang Stampede) - pole vault - 2.77 m.

  • Christopher McClure, Jr. (Unattached) - triple jump - 11.65.

  • Thomas Arnold (Mustang Stampede) - shot put - 9.17 m

17-18 boys

Sean Wray (AZ Flames) had a strong day as he got ready for the upcoming high school season by winning both the 55 m (6.60) and the 200 m (23.09). Brandon Thomas (Unattached) took 2nd in the 55 m in 6.74, just inching out 3rd place finisher Kenneth Williams (Power Forward) who ran 6.75. Kenneth came back later in the day to place 3rd in the 200 m (23.55) and also winning the long jump in 6.24 m. Collin Gapen (Unattached) snatched the 2nd place slot in the 200 m in fast time of 23.20.

The 17-18 boys 400-meter winner was Phoenix Bobcats' Charles Nnantah, Jr (52.98) with Laurence Collins III (Mustang Stampede) placing 2nd (53.29) and teammate Nate Hereder filling the third spot in 54.11. Nate also won the pole vault with a height of 3.5 meters.

Thomas Baker (Mustang Stampede) crossed the line first in both the 800 m and 1500 m races (2:08.99 and 4:38.00).

Joshua Neumann (Flight Club) won the 55 meter hurdles in a time of 8.63 seconds. Teammate, Favian Tippin, Jr., got up in the high jump with a leap of 1.72 m. Their other teammate, Cristian Williams, won the shot put easily with a good opening season distance of 13.10 meters.

Dakari Alberty (Unattached) won the triple with a hop, skip and a jump of 12.46 meters.

Another great meat for USATF AZ in this early season. This Saturday you'll find us at Mountain Pointe HS in Ahwatukee for the 27th Annual Indoor Classic. Hope to see you there!

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