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Youth Athletes Continue to Improve

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Times Drop and Marks Rise as Athletes Get into Shape

With the "indoor" season behind us here in Arizona, March 3rd brought the first full outdoor regulation meet of the 2018 season. As the temperatures rose a bit, many of our youth athletes saw there times drop and marks increase at Alhambra High School.

8U Girls

Ava Davis (Arizona Track Stars) was triumphant in three events, showing some great range. Ava ran a tough triple as she was able to crush the competition in the 400 (1:15.91) and 800 (2:59.55) by nearly 10 seconds in each race, with two new season PRs. She finished up the day with the 200 and won with a new season PR and an over 1-second victory as she broke the tape in 33.25. Some other familiar and unfamiliar names were at the top of our 8U girl sprinters on Saturday. In the 100 meters, Sydney Sanders (NX Level) took first (15.79), Amayla Burnett (AZ Cheetahs) took second (16.54) and Kiara Perkins (AZ Flames) was third (16.67). Sydney Sanders also placed second in the long jump with a 3.01-meter dirt shaker and then came back toward the end of the afternoon to take 2nd place (34.50) in the 200 meters, as Anniah Henderson (AZ Titans) took the 3rd place ribbon (36.06) in that event. Amayla Burnett captured another red ribbon as she took 2nd in the open 400 meters with a nice time of 1:25.60. Grace Gelder (Huron Athletics) saw two nice PRs for herself in the 400 m (1:27.43 - 3rd place) and 800 m (3:10.93 - 2nd place), as well as a 3rd place best mark in the long jump (2.89 m).

Other girls on Saturday showed some great improvement in the shorter races:

  • Tahlia James (AZ Cheetahs) - 100 m - from 25.87 seed to 23.54 finish.

  • Kate Gelder (Huron Athletics) - 100 m - from 23.39 seed to 21.35 finish.

  • Messiah Crawley (AZ Burn) - 400 m - from 1:46.25 seed to 1:32.86 finish.

  • Vida Jones (AZ Cheetahs) - 400 m - 2:15.69 seed to 2:01.52 finish.

The AZ Cheetahs won the the 4x100 in 1:09.15 with athletes Kayden Kisler, Rylee Ware, Arianna Quarles and Amayla Burnett.

In field events we had Summer Cheatham (Do Right) take first place with a good distance of 3.11 meters. Two sisters from the AZ Cheetahs saw great improvements off the jump board, as Kayden Kisler improved her best 2018 mark from 1.99 m to 2.51 m and Kaliyah Kisler improved from 1.87 m to 2.24 m. One more Cheetah filled the podium as Alaya Felix won the shot put with a good throw of 5.05 meters and then AZ Flames saw newcomer Haleigh Jones open up the season in the mini-javelin with an impressive toss of 14.21 meters.

9-10 Girls

Kassidy DeVorce (AZ Cheetahs) won the 100 and 400-meter events. Kassidy just missed a PR in the 100 with her clocking of 14.41, but saw a huge improvement with her 400 meter win as she got her time down from 1:08.59 to 1:05.08. Mayen Usuro (Do Right) got barely edged out by Kassidy in the 400 m for the second place with a new season PR of 1:05.69, but came back with vengeance in the 200 meters winning in 30.52. Shay Colosimo (AZ Burn) was another double top-three finisher with a third place in the 400 m (1:11.80) and then winning earlier in the 800 m in 2:46.22. Shay also saw a PR in the 100 m in 16.01.

Back to the shorter events we had Imani Galera-Young and Camryn Hunter (AZ Cheetahs) take 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the 100-meter dash with times under 15-seconds (14.53 and 14.70). In the 200 m, Aliyah Hatchett (Vail Vipers) ran a great time of 30.63 for a second place crossing.

Other young ladies had great personal success on the track in the shorter distances:

  • Emerson Rhodes (Phoenix Flyers) - 100 m - 18.48 seed to 17.47

  • Jaleah Blume (Do Right) - 200 m - 36.10 seed to 33.06

  • Emilia Wilson (NX Level) - 200 m - 42.95 seed to 38.33

  • Karesh Spence (AZ Rising Suns) - 400 m - 1:27.69 seed to 1:19.82

  • Jaiya Davis (Arizona Track Stars) - 400 m - 1:29.34 seed to 1:20.70

  • Jamiyah Ware (AZ Cheetahs) - 400 m - 1:29.80 seed to 1:24.10

  • Mai Piel (AZ Cheetahs) - 400 m - 1:36.20 seed to 1:28.10

To wrap up the middle distance races, Taliyah Word (AZ Cheetahs) took second in the 800 meters with a time of 2:46.90 (and also placing 5th later in the day in the 200 m) and Distance University's Olivia Neve claimed victory in the 1500 meters with a slight PR of 6:02.48.

The Arizona Cheetahs (Camryn Hunter, Kassidy, DeVorce, Jaiden Ware, Imani Galera-Young) won the 4x100 relay in 57.04. And the 1500-meter race walk was won by Andrea Lopez (ArizonAthletics) in 12:03.91.

Field events showed some early season promise:

  • Kianna Noyd (AZ Flames) won the high jump with a 1.0 meter leap.

  • Syah Cuff (NX Level) and Hayden Wolach (Phoenix Bobcats) jumped 3.53 and 3.42, respectively to capture first and second places in the long jump.

  • Nyjah Graves (Flight Club) had a PR and a win in the shot put with a 5.30 m thud.

  • Isabella Allison (Phoenix Flyers) started were she left off at J.O. Nationals last year, as she won the mini-javelin in 18.36 meters.

11-12 Girls

Stacey Onyepunuka (Arizona Rising Suns) just didn't want to slow down on Saturday. Stacey three-peated in the 100 m (13.20), 200 m (27.13) and 400 m (59.99) - all season PRs for good measure, too! Naomi Malone (Malone Athletics) had her own three-peat, as she placed in the top-three in all the sprint events. Naomi placed 2nd in the 100 (13.60), 2nd in the 200 (27.86) and 3rd in the 400 (1:03.40). Yet another young woman who managed to find three top-three finishes on Saturday was AZ Titan's Taliyah Henderson. She took 1st in the 800 (2:30.63), 2nd in the 400 (1:02.70) and 3rd in the 200 (28.80).

Other quick girls in the sprints were Sniyah Cade (AZ Cheetahs) and Tatiyanna White (AZ Flames) who both dipped under the 14-second threshold in the 100 meters in 13.80 seconds each and took 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

More improvements in the sprints came at the legs and tenacity of these athletes:

  • Aimee Brown (AZ Titans) - 100 m - 16.46 to 15.86

  • Layliana Hawkins-Mack (AZ Cheetahs) - 100 m - 18.52 to 16.39

  • Aqua Hollie (NX Level) - 200 m - 39.82 to 37.18

  • Keira Rayford (Do Right) - 400 m - 1:24.95 to 1:18.91

  • Jniyah Coopwood (Do Right) - 400 m - 1:30.58 - 1:20.81

  • Amaya Sanchez (AZ Cheetahs) - 400 m - 1:43.65 to 1:33.39

  • Madelyn Petri (NX Level) - 400 m - 1:40.46 to 1:34.15

As we moved to the middle and long distance events we saw once again some recognizable faces. Landen LeBlond (NX Level) dropped 5-seconds from her PR to take 2nd place in the 800 m (2:33.03) and Uriyah Whiten (Do Right) had a great double, as she took 3rd place in the 800 (2:38.06) and 2nd in the open 1500 meters (5:27.12). Rounding out the other two spots in the 1500, we say Madeline Daily (Distance University) come out victorious with a huge PR of 5:26.75 and Kalyn Black (NX Level) taking 3rd with a strong 5:32.32 time. Josephine Platt (Flight Club) ran a 12:00.75 to place first in the 3000 meter to round out the distance events.

Great time drops were found for these young ladies on Saturday in the distance events:

  • Chloe Callison (NX Level) - 800 m - 2:57.84 to 2:44.92

  • Niah Bell (Arizona Track Starts) - 800 m - 3:19.33 to 3:01.56

  • Macy Ellis (Distance University) - 800 / 1500 m - 3:17.16 to 3:06.62 / 7:34.33 to 6:23.05

  • Jniyah Coopwood (Do Right) - 800 m - 3:51.16 to 3:22.18

The remaining track events found these athletes at the top of the standings:

  • Remy Romney (AZ Cheetahs) - 1st place 80-meter hurdles - 15.36

  • Phoenix Bobcats (Mikalah Meeker, Maggie Williams, Marin Simmers, Abigail Jackson) - 4x100 - 1st

  • NX Level (Rylee Rafferty, Kalyn Black, Sara Ortiz, Landen LeBlond) - 4x800 - 1st - 10:58.44

  • Daniela Lopez Tizando (ArizonAthletics) - 1st 1500-meter race walk - 9:17.25

All the field events were competed for the first time this season with some impressive early season marks. Tatiyanna White (AZ Flames) won the high jump with a 1.25 m height. Three girls went past the 4-meter mark in the long jump with Sniyah Cade (AZ Cheetahs) taking 1st with 4.09 m, Mariah Cuff (NX Level) taking 2nd with 4.03 m and Kya Kisler (AZ Cheetahs) in 3rd with 4.02 m.

In the throwing events, Mikalah Meeker (Phoenix Bobcats) took 1st in the shot put with a nice mark of 8.59 m and also was the second-place thrower in the discus with a distance of 14.58 m. Age-group throwing stand out, Coco Velasquez (AZ Flames), took first place honors in both the discus (16.97 m) and the javelin (23.89 m) to start off her 2018 track and field campaign on the right foot...or should we say hand? Coco's teammate, Roselyn Vazquez, All-American 9-10 javelin thrower in 2017, took 2nd place honors in the javelin with a nice toss of 23.72 m.

13-14 Girls

Trinity Henderson (unattached) continues her dominance of the 13-14 age group with two more victories on Saturday, as she ran 12.66 in the 100 m and 26.18 in the 200 m. Other girls whose coaches' chronographs stopped a bit earlier than usual on Saturday were:

  • Denver Bryant (unattached) - 100 m - 16.05 to 15.51

  • Mila Medrano (NX Level) - 200 m - 32.10 to 30.20

  • Kiara Reed (AZ Flames) - 200 m - 32.61 to 30.36

  • Vianaye Trujillo (Do Right) - 200 m - 33.85 to 31.50

The 400 meters showed a bunch of good early season times and many girls dipping under the 70-second barrier for the first time this season. Indiah Fields (unattached) dropped her time by over a second to win the event in 1:00.21. Megan Arganbright (NX Level) dropped nearly four seconds for the 2nd place spot in 1:02.94. Ena McMahon (AZ Cheetahs) also had a season PR as she crossed third in 1:03.04. The five girls who got under the 70-second time barrier for the first time were:

  • Kaliyah Holt (AZ Cheetahs) - 1:10.95 to 1:07.96

  • Nia Twine (Arizona Track Stars) - 1:10.54 to 1:07.99

  • Vianaye Trujillo (Do Right) - 1:10.31 to 1:08.75

  • Mila Medrano (NX Level) - 1:10.46 to 1:08.89

  • Makayla Lanier (Phoenix Elite) - 1:12.57 to 1:08.98

In the 800, we had 2nd place 400 meter runner, Megan Arganbright, take first in a time of 2:32.54. Kianna Jones (Phoenix Elite) finding 2nd place with a close 2:32.66. Naaeira Muhammad (Glendale Flash) had a huge PR almost dropping 30-seconds in her time as she crossed the finish in 2:56.27. Kendall Black (NX Level), All-American 3000-meter runner in 2017, won the 1500 m in 5:26.12 and distance phenom, Bethany McCallister (Arizona Track & Field), won handily in the 3000 meters in a strong time (and huge PR) of 11:18.86.

In the remaining track events we had Sydney Sventek (unattached) win the 100-meter hurdles in 17.88 and Ena McMahon (AZ Cheetahs) running a great early season time in the 200-meter hurdles (31.70), which got her first place and earlier in the day Ena took 3rd in the 100-meter hurdles as well. The 4x400 relay was won by NX Level (Mila Medrano, Chloe Scott, Kendall Black and Megan Arganbright) in 4:51.74 and Power Forward's Destiny Carter won the 3000-meter racewalk in 26:41.73.

I smell future heptathlete. Paige Platt (Flight Club) won the high jump (1.5 m), shot put (8.21 m) and javelin (27.50 m), which all tied or became new PRs for her in those events. Great job Paige! Alexa Hamilton (Arzona Track & Field Academy) jumped as high as Paige in the high jump, but due to earlier misses took 2nd place. Tatum Richards (unattached) got up in the pole vault with a 2.61 m height. Tara Sommerville (AZ Cheetahs) won the long jump in 4.42 m, while Gloriah Hussey (unattached) won the triple in 8.90 meters. Lastly, Katherine Valencia (AZ Cheetahs) had a good discus throw of 17.23 to win that event on Saturday.

15-16 Girls

Some of the notable times and marks for the high school division all came from Amreah Hutchinson (AZ Flames) who won the 800 m (2:39.38), long jump (4.65 m) and triple jump (9.98) for a well-rounded and successful competition afternoon.

17-18 Girls

The 17-18 division saw Shea Gilman (unattached) in the pole vault win with a new PR of 3.23 meters and witness Haley Wolf (unattached) smoke a 10:08.97 3000 meters for a victory.

8U Boys

Getting under the 16-second mark in the 100 meters for 8U is pretty much moving. We had six boys do that on Saturday:

  1. Ari'eon Stevenson (AZ Cheetahs) - 15.23

  2. Eldaah Sharpe (AZ Cheetahs) - 15.24

  3. Paix Montano (Elite Striders) - 15.58 - breaking up the AZ Cheetahs' party!

  4. Alykzander Colter (AZ Cheetahs) - 15.77

  5. Jaylen Richardson (AZ Cheetahs) - 15.90

  6. Kashtin DeVorce (AZ Cheetahs) - 15.94

As we moved to the 400-meter Eldaah Sharpe's popped up at the top of the leader board as well as some other young lads who all showed some great PRs:

  1. Eldaah Sharpe (AZ Cheetahs) - 1:12.84

  2. Josiah Davis (Arizona Track Stars) - 1:12.85

  3. Tristan Solomon (AZ Cheetahs) - 1:15.16

Two other boys who weren't in the top-3 showed marked improvement in their personal times in the 400. Brothers, Andrew and Shaun Kozlowski (Accelerate Track) dropped nearly 20-seconds each from their best times to run a 1:38.16 and 1:55.02, respectively. Good going guys!

As we went to the 200 meters towards the end of the day a couple of these 100-meter and 400-meter speed demons were in the top-4 as well - all of them getting under 33-seconds and setting PRs for themselves:

  • Eldaah Sharpe (AZ Cheetahs) - 32.26 - 1st

  • Bryson Freeman (Elite Striders) - 32.34 - 2nd

  • Josiah Davis (Arizona Track Stars) - 32.83 - 3rd

  • Alykzander Colter (AZ Cheetahs) - 32.83 - 3rd

Tristan Solomon and Josiah Davis had a busy day as they also ran the 800 m and took first and second, respectively in times of 2:46.47 (huge PR for Tristan by 15 seconds!!!) and 2:57.50. Nikolai Uraine (Power Forward) showed good grit as he had a new personal best time by over 10 seconds with his 3:30.80 finish; and with a regal-sounding name like Distance University's MacArthur Hall, it was only fitting that he denounce his former time of 3:56.28 and bequeath himself a new one of 3:32.59 with his newly found quick-footed actions - well done me lord!

Do Right's Eli Gruman, who took third in the 800 (3:06.20) had enough energy (oh to be young again!) to come back and win the 1500 m with a new PR of 6:21.40, which was nearly 17 seconds better than his previous fastest time.

The Arizona Flames had quite a speedy 4x100 as Tre Hutchinson, Dontae McKoy, Landon Flowers and Karon Perkins whipped around the oval in 1:09.46.

A lot of good jumping around ( ♪ ♫ ...jump around... jump around...jump up and up and get down... ♫ ♪ ) on Saturday by our 8U boys. The top three all went over 3-meters, which is pretty far for this time of year. Karon Perkins ( AZ Flames) jumped the farthest with a 3.08 m mark. Ahmad Jones (Huron Athletics) was close to Karon, but fell just a tad short with a 3.05 m leap and Paix Montano (Elite Striders) found 3.02 m in the pit for 3rd place. The next three jumpers all had early season PRs. Kamari Oakry (AZ Cheetahs) who improved from 2.53 m to 2.80. Anthony Dominguez (AZ Cheethas) who improved from 2.41 to 2.69 m and Tre Hutchinson (AZ Flames) who went from 2.39 to 2.59 meters.

The top-3 shot putters all surpassed the 5-meter mark as was the case two Saturdays ago:

  • Marcus Perea (unattached) - 1st with 5.53 m

  • Jermiah Jackson (AZ Cheetahs) - 2nd 5.21 m

  • J'Vaughn Lucas (Flight Club) - 3rd with 5.12 m

These same three boys ended up in the same places in the mini-javelin later in the day as Marcus threw 13.41 m, Jermiah launched a 13.04 m missile and J'Vaugn held his own with a 12.86 m toss.

9-10 Boys

Kingston Sims (Do Right) had quite a day for himself on Saturday with not one...not two...but three PRs for himself on the track! Kingston knocked off over one second in his 100 m to get to a 18.38 time. In the 200, he took off over two seconds to run a new best of 42.37 and in the 400 he dropped nearly six seconds running 1:39.73.

Amir Thomas (Do Right) remains a wicked speedy force in the 9-10 division as he took 1st in the 200 (29.97) and 400 (1:07.96). Amir also was a close 3rd in the 100 with a fast clocking of 14.54.

Number one and two in the 100 were Derrick Gory (AZ Titan) and Jaydon Wiseman (Quicksilver) who ran 14.29 and 14.51. Jaydon also managed to place 3rd in the long jump with a nice distance of 3.74 m.

Corbin Cedric (Do Right) had a PR and second place showing in the 400 as he went past the line in 1:10.44.

Some other young men who saw improvements on Saturday in the sprints were:

  • Ja'quaz Jiles (Do Right) - 200 m - 40.35 to 36.38

  • Le'Markus Corley (Elite Striders) - 200 m - 42.32 to 37.43

  • Simon Beard (AZ Cheetahs) - 400 m - 1:33.74 to 1:29.90

  • Kendall Dyer (AZ Burn) - 400 m - 1:22.20 to 1:16.18

Josiah Levin (NX Level) and Sebastian Lopez (ArizonAthletics) doubled up in the 800 and 1500 with some solid results. Josiah took 1st in the 800 (2:53.55) and 2nd in the 1500 (5:49.52), while Sebastian found two third place ribbons in these events with times of 2:56.20 and 5:56.66. Tamer Elfiki (Elite Striders) was the second place finisher in the 800 meters (2:53.81) and Lorenzo Cuesta (Do Right) was the outright winner in the 1500 with a 5:42.32 comfortable victory.

The AZ Cheetahs with Armani Quarles, Avaurie Quarles, Edward Woodward Jr. and Kashis Bell won the 4x100 in 1:04.11.

Standouts in the field events were as follows:

Joseph Lucas (Flight Club) - high jump - 1.10 m - 1st place

Taylan Patterson (Quicksilver) - long jump - 3.88 m - 1st

Jalen Reed (AZ Flames) - long jump/javelin - 3.83 - 2nd / 27.24 m - 2nd

Kingston Morrow (Power Forward) - shot put - 6.92 m - 1st

Dylan Bonifield (Phoenix Bobcats) - javelin - 29.45 - 1st

11-12 Boys

Weslan Sammie Hunter (AZ Cheetahs) and Germiah Flunder (AZ Rising Suns) both had strong triples on Saturday with older Hunter getting the best of new 11-12-divsion Flunder each time. Weslan won and set new season PRs in each of his three events. He ran 13.05 in the 100, 26.70 in the 200 and broke 60-seconds with 59.34 blistering finish in the 400. Flunder saw some new PRs for himself as he took 2nd in each of the same events. Flunder had a 13.20 in the 100, 27.04 in the 200 and ran close to 60-seconds-flat with a 1:00.75 strong finish.

3rd place in all those events were as follows:

  • Destin Jones (Power Forward) - 100 m - 13.25

  • Elijah Roberson (Elite Striders) - 200 m - 27.40 (also 4th in 100 m)

  • Damaryon Huckaby (Arizona Track Stars) - 400 m - 1:03.54

More fast times and/or great time drops were seen on Saturday by these fleet-footed young men:

  • Otis Knapper (AZ Cheetahs) - 100 m - 14.00 to 13.89

  • Cameron Cooper (AZ Cheetahs) - 100 m - 14.07 to 13.93

  • Winston Weaver Jr. (Phoenix Bobcats) - 100 - 18.92 to 17.89

  • Jaziah Williamson (Arizona Track Starts) - 200 m - 30.16 to 29.62

  • Jaden Laffitte (Do Right) - 200 m - 31.39 to 29.84

  • Givon El-Amin (Accelerate Track) - 200 m - 31.31 to 29.94

  • Joseph Taylor III (Phoenix Elite) - 200 m - 30.94 to 29.98

  • Rafael Campos Jr. (NX Level) - 400 m - 1:14.38 to 1:10.73

  • Heaven Hamon (AZ Burn) - 400 m - 1:16.03 to 1:11.97

I think all year the boys 11-12 800 meters will come down to a kick. On Saturday it was Braden Loll's (Phoenix Flyers) turn to get the edge over his strong competitor Zuri Glenn (AZ Burn), as Braden won in 2:30.75 with Zuri only a few strides away in 2:31.76. Strong time enhancements were ran be these boys:

  • Damaryon Huckaby (Arizona Track Stars) - 2:50.93 to 2:40.50

  • Terrance Kammerer (AZ Titans) - 2:58.82 to 2:49.36

  • Alejandro Lopez (ArizonAthletics) - 3:10.14 to 3:02.5 (6:21.08 to 6:08.08 in 1500 m)

The remaining running events went this way on Saturday:

  • James Wagner of NX Level won the 1500 m with a new PR of 5:26.49

  • Aidan Squires (Phoenix Bobcats) took first in the 3000 m with a new PR (11:31.38)

  • Legend Steward (AZ Flames) won the 80-meter hurdles in 12.89

  • AZ Flames (Michael Noyd, Nizer Smith, Kahmar Hawkins, Legend Stewart) won the 4x100 - power went out, so no time,

  • AZ Burn (Donovan Beard, Kordell Dyer, Zuri Glenn, Micah Warren) won the 4x400 - 4:50.83

Some steady improvements were witnessed in the field events. Legend Stewart won the high jump in 1.42 meters (a new PR!) . All three long jumpers got over four meters with Destin Jones (Power Forward) taking first with 4.58 m, Malec Barrett (unattached) placing 2nd with 4.31 m and Arizona Cheetah, Cameron Cooke, jumped well with his farthest mark of 4.23 meters to land third. And Elijah Roberson (Elite Striders) continued his dominance in the shot put with a 9.28 m win, as Keane Abril (AZ Cheetahs) had a strong showing for himself as he took 2nd with a 8.33 m throw. Frederick LeVinus (Phoenix Bobcats) won the discus with nice toss of 18.74 and newcomer, Alex Columbus (Phoenix Flyers) won the javelin with a 22.33 m flight.

13-14 Boys

John Ruvo, IV (Phoenix Bobcats) hasn't slowed down yet, as he won the 100 m in 11.54. Two young men got under 25 seconds in the 200-meter race, as Zachary Hollinquest (AZ Burn) and Landon Meche (NX Level) went one-two with times of 24.48 and 24.96, respectively.

The top-6 boys in the 400 all broke 60 seconds - that's a fast and deep race!

  1. Landon Meche (NX Level) - 53.85

  2. Aryonne Baylis (unattached) - 57.50

  3. Yan Vazquez (AZ Flames) - 57.54

  4. Kollin Parrish (AZ Cheetahs) - 58.81

  5. Ruben Lerma (Do Right) - 59.12

  6. Michael Sylve (AZ Burn) - 59.89

These teens weren't always vying for a ribbon but their times plummeted at Alhambra for some new PRs:

  • Orion Pierre (AZ Titans) - 100 m - 15.27 to 14.91

  • Darrion Robinson (AZ Cheetahs) - 200 m - 26.71 to 25.46

  • Michael Sylve (AZ Burn) - 200 m - 27.14 to 26.53

Elijah Levin (NX Level) won both the 800 and 1500 with times of 2:13.97 and 4:36.52 - impressive double! Alexander Murphy (Glendale Flash) had a nearly 15-second PR in the 1500 to take 2nd place (5:04.52) and before that ran another gigantic season best in the 3000 to take first place (10:49.82) with over a 30-second improvement.

Yan Vazquez (AZ Flames) who took 3rd in the 400 is even stronger in the hurdles, as he won both the 100 and 200-meter hurdles in 14.81 and 29.49.

NX Level (Caleb Kelly, Elijah Levin, Demari Washington, Landon Meche) won th 4x400 in 4:03.71.

Marks that showed some promise in the field events were as follows:

  • Colby Miltenberger (Phoenix Bobcats) won the high jump in 1.62 m

  • Saif Elijah Woods (AZ Cheetahs) won the long jump in 4.80 m

  • Charlie Allison (Phoenix Flyers) won the javelin (42.00 m) and placed 2nd in the long jump (4.62 m)

  • Nicholas LeJander (AZ Cheetahs) took 1st place in shot put/discus - 10.89 m / 36.72 m

  • Cameron Fuse (Elite Striders) placed 2nd in the shot put/discus - 10.55 m / 28.96 m

15-16 Boys

Times and marks that showed big improvements and/or were just flat out good were these on Saturday:

  • Jarron Stevens (Huron Athletics) - 400 m - 54.91 - 1st place / 800 m - 2:13.56 - 1st place

  • Bradley Kelly (Elite Striders) - 400 m - 1:14.02 to 1:05.38 - big time drop!

  • Tyler Rafferty (NX Level) - 800 m - 2:16.60 - 2nd place

  • Nyle Richards (unattached) - pole vault - 3.74 m - 1st place

  • Cameron Nelson (Huron Athletics) - long jump - 4.62 m - 1st place

  • Samori El-Amin (Acclerate Track) - 11.24 m shot put / 28.71 m discus - both 1st place

17-18 boys

A few young men stood out with their early season performance on Satuday. Jacob Cole (Arizona Elite) won the 200 m and 400 m with clockings of 23.66 and 53.58. And in the longer distances, two unattached athletes, Graham Eversden and Alexander Ishac ran sub-10 minute times as the finished in 9:45.28 and 9:48.67, respectively.

Next meet is this upcoming weekend (March 17th) at Copper Canyon High School in Glendale 8 a.m. Registration deadline is Wednesday at 12:01 pm.

Hope to see you out there.

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