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Things Parents Should Know About USATF AZ & Your Club

There are a number of things new parents and team members should know about USATF AZ and your club as we enter into the season:

1. Important links/URLs

2. Practice times and location

  • What days do you practice?

  • What times?

  • Location?

3. Parental Expectations and Involvement

  • Working your team’s event/responsibility at meets - Parents need to be on time for events.

  • Older siblings, who aren't on the team can volunteer working the meet for community service hours.

  • Positive and constructive support to their kids - we aren't at the Olympics just yet.

4. How Meets Run

  • Meets are long and are on “rolling schedule” - there are no exact times for each event.

  • Be at meet at least 1 hour before 1st event

  • Bring drinks/food (food is sold at every meet as well)

  • Bring tents/chairs/games/books/etc - there is a lot of down time.

  • When you get to meet get your bib number from one of the coaches or parents. Pin bib in front.

  • No parents are allowed on the track during a meet, unless they're working an event.

  • For 8 and under athletes – parents can walk them to check-in for their event, but once they are checked in, they must leave them with the volunteer. They can be outside the fence, if they want, so your child can see you.

5. USATF Card

  • All athletes need a USATF card for the season (your club may offer getting these for each athlete or you may make it the responsibility of the parent/guardian.)

  • USATF card link

  • Make sure if parents are getting card on their own that they put your clubs appropriate USATF Team number (48-XXXX).

6. Uniforms

  • Let the parents know what is included with team membership in regard to uniform

  • Do you have old spikes you recycle for new athletes?

  • Does your team get discount shoes/spikes at a local running store?

7. Fundraisers

  • What fundraisers does your club do throughout the season?

  • Do you need parents help in organizing these?

  • How much money are you looking to raise for your club - and what will the money be used for?

8. Coaches

  • Who are your coaches?

  • What are their qualifications?

  • Have they been background checked?

  • Have they completed SafeSport?

9. Events

What events does your club coach?

Are there events your club does not coach (pole vault, high jump, etc.)

Kids 12 and under can do up to 3 events per meet.

Kids 13 and older can do up to 4 events per meet.

This should be a good start for parents who are new to your club and USATF AZ. Good luck this season everyone!

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