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"Indoor" Classic - Breath of Fresh Air

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

After a few location changes, the 27th Annual Indoor Classic (usually held at NAU Skydome) became an outdoor meet held at Mountain Pointe High School on February 17th. While many enjoy the annual trip up north at 7,000 feet elevation for this meet, results didn't diminish at all as we competed closer to sea-level.

8U Girls

Amayla Burnett (Arizona Cheetahs) continued to show great speed in the youngest division as she took 1st in the 55 m (9.64) and 2nd in the 200 m (34.65).

Ava Davis (Arizona Track Stars) three-peated on Saturday with wins in the 200 m (34.23), 400 m (1:16.69) and 800 m (3:12.19), which was a lot of running for these young legs.

Arianna Quarles (Arizona Cheetahs) had another strong performance on Saturday as she took 2nd in the 400 m (1:26.12) and 3rd in the 200 m in 35.64. In the sprints, these future phenoms showed some excellent season improvement:

  • Jade Womack (AZ Flames) - 55 m - 12.45 to 11.89

  • Karma Graves (Flight Club) - 55 m - 13.20 to 12.54

  • Kallie Conway (Do Right) - 200 m - 42.70 to 39.35

  • Audriyonna Jones (AZ Titans) - 200 m - 48.32 to 45.27

  • Soraya Lindsey (AZ Cheetahs) - 400 m - 1:37.13 to 1:31.35

Grace Gelder (Huron Athletics) had a huge PR in the 800 m, where she dropped over 20-seconds to capture 2nd place in 3:16.21.

The Arizona Cheetahs (Kayden Kisler, Amayla Burnett, Soraya Lindsey and Arionna Quarles) crossed the line first in the 4x300 relay, while their teammate Alaya Felix took was 1st in the shot put (4.41 m).

The long jump was won by Do Right's Summer Cheatham with a 2.64 mark and speedy Arizona Cheetah, Kayden Kisler, had a nice season best improving by .42 m to take 2nd in 2.41 meters.

9-10 Girls

Mayen Usuro (Do Right) just kept her legs spinning at a high velocity as she won both the 55 m (7.98) and 200 m (29.08) at Mountain Pointe's newly laid track. Imani Galera-Young and Camryn Hunter (both AZ Cheetahs) took 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the 55-meter dash with improved times of 8.16 and 8.35. Imani came back in the 200 m to capture 2nd place there as well in a season improved time of 30.32.

Another Arizona Cheetah, Kassie DeVorce, won the 400 meter in a season's best of 1:08.06 and also grabbed the bronze medal in the 200 m with a solid performance of 30.40 seconds.

There were other girls, who may not have made the podium, but showed great time improvements in the sprints last Saturday:

  • Kameron Smith (AZ Flames) - 55 m - 10.13 to 9.19

  • Bryonna Stroughter (AZ Rising Suns) - 200 m - 35.45 to 33.11

  • Zari-Michaele Muhammad (Do Right) - 200 m - 40.53 to 38.56

  • Aniyah Martin (AZ Rising Suns) - 400 m - 1:19.78 to 1:14.15

  • Sophie Kemp (NX Level) - 400 m - 1:33.90 to 1:29.79

  • Joelle Wills-Dennard (AZ Titans) - 400 m - 1:35.32 to 1:30.55

In the middle to longer distances, Clarissa Castillo (unattached) triumphed in the 800 m (2:37.39) and also had some speed as she silvered in the 400 m with a time of 1:09.43. Following Castillo in the 800 was Shay Colosimo (AZ Burn), who had a big season's best by nearly 8 seconds, as she finished in 2:41.86. Four other girls who ran the 800 m found some great early season drops with their times:

  • Emery Levin (NX Level) from 3:13.04 to 2:53.15.

  • Brianca Barclay (AZ Rising Suns) from 3:21.79 to 3:03.84.

  • Emilia Wilson (NX Level) from 4:00.69 to 3:33.42

  • Hadley Gray (NX Level) from 4:04.81 to 3:35.80

Imani Watson (AZ Titans) won the 1500 meters in 5:48.63 and earlier in the day took the bronze in the 800 m in 2:45.31.

As they did in the 8U Girls division, The Arizona Cheetahs (Camryn Hunter, Kassidy, DeVorce, Taliyah Word, Imani Galera-Young) won the 4x300 relay in 3:21.28.

In the jumps, we witnessed some nice marks and improvements. Kianna Noyd (AZ Flames) won the high jump with a personal season's top mark of 1.05 meters. In the long jump two girls (Naeemah Harper - AZ Cheetahs and Amyiah Rodriguez - Elite Striders) reached the 3.10 mark for 1st and 2nd places, respectively. Two other girls in the competition had good early season upward swings in their marks.

  1. Isabella Allison (Phoenix Flyers) - 2.87 m to 3.05 m

  2. Amaya Foster (Phoenix Bobcats) - 2.39 m to 2.78 m

And in the shot put, strong thrower Nyjah Graves (Flight Club) had a 5.26 m best on Saturday to take the win.

11-12 Girls

More zippy performances by Stacey Onyepunuka (Arizona Rising Suns) on Saturday. Stacey won once again the 55 m (7.72), the 200 m (27.46). Also in the 55-meter dash, Kya Kisler (AZ Cheetahs) had a substantial drop in time to take 3rd overall in the event (8.01 seconds). Second place behind Stacey in the 200 meters was 400-meter gold-medalist Naomi Malone (Malone Athletics) who ran 28.51 and 1:04-flat, respectively. Right on Naomi's heels in the 400 was Anaya Quarles (AZ Cheetahs) with a big-time season PR of 1:04.88.

Two other young ladies who showed great improvement in the longer sprint races were Aqua Hollie (NX Level) with a 3-second season improvement in the 200 m (36.60) and Alicia Reynolds (Arizona Track & Field Academy) who slashed nearly 5 seconds from her 2018 best with a time of 1:18.23. Alicia also won the 55-meter hurdles in 10.66 seconds.

As we moved to the 800 meters, there were many great times and major time drops with these girls:

  • Rylee Rafferty (NX Level) - wins with a 12-second season PR of 2:37.20!

  • Nadia Medina Salas (Mercury Track) - 3rd place with over a 16-second improvement of 2:38.28.

  • Kalyn Black (NX level) - goes from 2:51.9 to 2:41.14

  • Chloe Callison (NX Level) - 2:57.84 to 2:41.18

  • Amari Crayton (NX Level) - 3:02.46 to 2:52.60

  • Skye Louve (AZ Cheetahs) - 3:03.47 to 2:54.46.

The 1500 was won by Landen LeBlond (NX Level) in a nice PR of 5:06.46 and then earlier in the day Landen took 2nd in the 3000 m with another PR (10:58.51). Carysa Marquez (Cougar Track) had an impressive win in the 3000 m with a 10:48.95.

The Arizona Cheetahs (Anaya Quarles, Remy Romney, Ruby Baker, Sky Louve) continued to own the 4x300 relay with another victory in that event, this time in 3:11.28.

Field events shaped up as follows:

  • Samara Thompson (Huron Athletics) wins high jump in 1.35 m.

  • Josephine Platt (Flight Club) take 3rd in high jump and improves from 1.10 m to 1.20 meters.

  • Kya Kisler (AZ Cheetahs) wins the long jump in 4.17 m - season's best.

  • Madison Patterson (Accelerate Track) increases her long jump from 3.79 to 3.92.

  • Mikalah Meeker (Phoenix Bobcats) wins shot put in 8.25 m.

  • Jade Pena (Flight Club) improves her shot put throw from 5.72 m to 5.94 m.

13-14 Girls

Tara Sommerville (AZ Cheetahs) had once again four strong performances on Saturday winning the 55 m (7.44), taking 2nd in the 400 m (1:03.42), being part of the Cheetah's champion 4x300-relay team (with Ena McMahon, Na'Zyia Richardson, Lundyn Boyd) and then finally showing she was mortal by taking 4th in the 200 m (27.32).

Trinity Henderson (unattached) had two solid performances for herself by winning both the 200 and 400 in 26.07 and 60.17, respectively.

Other notable sprint athlete was Chloe Scott (NX Level) who found another gear at Mountain Pointe in the 400 as she turned her new season PR to 1:15.06 - a 7-second improvement!

In the 800, we had three girls go 2:30 or better. Bethany McCallister (Arizona Track & Field Academy) won in a close race (2:29.93) as Emma Wackman (Phoenix Bobcats - 2:30.12) and Isabella Villalobos (Unattached - 2:30.17) were merely feet from her. And although not in the top 3, Vianaye Trujillo (Do Right) had a lot to be proud of herself, as she went from 2:52.08 to 2:47.08 on Saturday for a nice early season best.

Two of the top three in the 800 m were also in the top three of the 1500 m. Bethany McCallister (Arizona Track & Field Academy) once again took first - 5:08.85, with Emma Wackman (Phoenix Bobcats), who took 2nd in the 800, placing 3rd in 5:21.41. The silver went to Anavey Bolender (Huron Athletics) with a time of 5:10.58. Anavey also won the 3000 m in 11:15.43.

In the 55-meter hurdles Neya Jamison (unattached) won in 9.46 seconds.

The field events brought some good February performances for our youth club participants. Paige Platt (Flight Club) won the high jump (1.5 m) and shot put (7.5 m) showing some good athletic range. Tatum Richards (Mercury Track) won the long jump in 4.34 meters and unattached-athlete Gloriah Hussey took 1st place in the triple jump with a distance of 8.79 meters.

15-16 Girls

As we moved to the high school-age divisions, we had fewer athletes, which is normal for this time of year. A quick rundown on how these young ladies fared:

  • Kiya Pogue (Power Forward) - 1st in 55 m (7.41)

  • Jaydn Mays (NX Level) - 1st in 200 m (25.26)

  • Riley Roberts (unattached) - 1st in 400 m (1:01.66)

  • Ella Escobar (NX Level) - 1st in 800 m (2:24.09)

  • Jadyn Herron-Jonap (unattached) - 1st in 1500 m and 3000 m (5:42.72 / 10:59.66)

  • Rahni Turner (AZ Flames) - 1st 55-meter hurdles (8.71)

  • Amanda Adorjani (Power Forwrd) - 1st in high jump (1.5 m)

  • Mira Olden (Phoenix Bobcats) - 1st in pole vault (3.23 m)

  • Riley Perkins (Power Forward) - 1st in long jump (5.27 m)

  • Makayla Hunter (AZ Cheetahs) - 1st in triple jump (10.78 m)

17-18 Girls

The 17-18 division played out as such:

  • Kenya Coburn (Phoenix Flyers) - 1st in 55 m (7.38), 1st in long jump (5.16 m), 2nd in triple jump (9.49 m)

  • Jada Ragin (Mercury Track) - 1st in 200 m (27.12)

  • Kkyli Alvarez (NX Level) - 1st in 400 m (1:02.75). 1st in 800 m (2:30.81), 1st in 1500 m (5:30.38)/

  • Grace Cobabe (Mercury Track) - 1st 55-meter hurdles (9.42), 1st in high jump (1.4 m)

  • Samara McConnell (Huron Athleteics) - 1st in pole vault (3.52 m)

  • Diamond Black (AZ Cheetahs) - 1st in triple jump (10.54 m)

  • Melissa Rohrer (Mustang Stampede) - 1st in shot put (10.33 m)

8U Boys

Ari'eon Stevenson (Arizona Cheetahs) was really moving on Saturday as he won the 55-meter dash (8.57) and also won the 200 m (31.64), both very fast times for this age division. Teammate, Eldaah Sharpe, just missed out on 1st in the 200 with another great time of 31.69, but was able to find victory in the 400 where he ran a season's best of 1:15.42. Other significant results where athletes showed more speed in the sprints were:

  • Leo Hernandez (Do Right) - 55 m - 19.46 to 12.92 seconds.

  • Karon Perkins (AZ Flames) - 200 m - 41.93 to 34.54 seconds.

  • Josiah Whiten (Do Right) - 200 m - 50.70 to 46.01 seconds.

Josiah Davis (Arizona Track Stars) won the 800 meter easily in a time of 2:51.87 and also took 3rd place in the 400 m with a finishing kick of 1:16.37.

Bryson Freeman (Elite Striders) had a very solid day as he took 2nd overall in the 800 m with a nice season's best of 3:01.42 and also took 3rd later in the day in the 200 m (32.77).

In the 1500-meter race, Eli Gruman (Do Right) won in 6:47.48.

The Arizona Cheetahs (Ari' eon Stevenson, Jaylen Richardson, Kashtin DeVorce, Eldaah Sharpe) also won the 4x300-meter relay in 3:54.01.

As we look at the field events in this division, there were some nice marks and season PRs. In the long jump, Ahmad Jones (Huron Athletics) won in 3.08 m, but three other jumpers had some marked improvements with their jumps:

  • Karon Perkins (AZ Flames) - 2.15 m to 2.98 m (3rd)

  • Marcus Perea (unattached) - 2.30 m to 2.75 m

  • Jaylen Richardson (AZ Cheetahs) - 2.06 to 2.56 m

The top-3 shot putters all surpassed the 5-meter mark on Saturday.

  • Casden Matsler (unattached) - 1st with 5.90 m

  • Marcus Perea (unattached) - 2nd with 5.33 m

  • J'Vaughn Lucas (Flight Club) - 3rd with 5.15 m

9-10 Boys

Amir Thomas (Do Right) won both short-sprint races, as he clocked 8.28 in the 55 m and 29.43 in the 200 meter.

Alijah Whiten (Arizona Track Stars) took 2nd in the 200 m (29.96), but found victory in the 1-lap distance, as he broke the tape in 1:10.78.

These other boys had great personal accomplishments in the sprinting events on Saturday:

  • Kingston Sims (Do Right) - 200 m - 44.89 to 38.73

  • Dennis Lamothe Jr. (unattached) - 200 m - 43.02 to 35.39

  • Marcus Isaac (Do Right) - 400 m - 1:18.04 to 1:13.62

The 800-meter race had the top-3 boys (all from DOOOOOOOO-RIIIIGHT!) improve their earlier season times and go 2:50 or better on Mountain Pointe's updated track surface:

  • Benjamin Harris - 2:48.54 to 2:44.94 (1st)

  • Lorenzo Cuesta - 2:55.67 to 2:49.91 (2nd)

  • Andre King Jr. - 2:56.57 to 2:50.42 (3rd)

And let's not forget about their teammate, Noah Gruman, who may have not finished for medal-contention, but cut 13 seconds off his season's best to have a new PR of 3:10.63.

In the nearly 4-lap distance (1500 m), Josiah Levin (NX Level) won in 5:45.36.

In the one relay (4x300) of the day, Do Right took first (3:25.87) with Cedric Corbin Jr., Andre King Jr., Amir Thomas and Benjamin Harris making up the squad.

In the throws and jumps this is how the 9-10 boys' age group shook out:

  • Andreson Douglass (World Class) - 1st in high jump (1.10 m).

  • Laqwain Davis (Power Forward) - 1st in long jump (3.52 m).

  • Avaurie Quarles (AZ Cheetahs) - half-meter improvement in long jump - 2.49 to 3.04 m.

  • Jayden Gibbs (Dream Team) - 1st in shot put (6.89 m).

11-12 Boys

Germiah Flunder (AZ Rising Suns) swept the sprints as he ran 7.82 in the 55 m, 27.44 in the 200 m and 1:02.12 in the 400 m. Both the 200 and 400 were early season bests.

Here were some 200- and 400-meter sprinters who showed some good personal progress and times on Saturday:

  • Ky'Ron Hall (NX Level) - 200 m - 33.26 to 31.83 (he also improved in the 800 from 2:50.93 to 2:43.38)

  • Josiah Anderson (AZ Rising Suns) - 400 m - 1:04.76 to 1:03.75 (2nd)

  • Zuri Glenn (AZ Burn) - 400 m - 1:04.79 to 1:05.00 (3rd)

Zuri also won the 800-meter race in a great opening-season time of 2:29.46 - this may have been a PR for Zuri as well. Other strong showings with improved times in the 800 were as follows:

  • Braden Lolli (Phoenix Flyers) - 2:37.79 - 2:30.39 (2nd)

  • James Wagner (NX Level) - 2:50.51 to 2:43.18

  • Dylan Luna (Arizona Speedsters) - 2:55.77 to 2:46.66

Nashoba Redhouse (Elite Striders) ran away from the field with a solid performance of 5:29.72 in the boys' 1500 meter race.

Legend Stewart (AZ Flames) won the 55-meter hurdles in 9.34 and the Arizona Cheetah team of Jaron Jack, David Knierim, Anthony LeJander and Darius Cade won the 4x300 relay in 3:23.33.

Field event marks were very good in this early 2018 season. 55-meter hurdle winner, Legend Stewart also won the high jump in 1.35 meters. Arizona Cheetah, Cameron Cooke, jumped well with a farthest mark of 4.26 meters to take the win. And Elijah Roberson (Elite Striders) got that small canon ball off his shoulder nicely, as he reached over 9 meters in the shot put (9.10 m) on Saturday.

13-14 Boys

John Ruvo, IV (Phoenix Bobcats) won the 55 and 200 again on Saturday with continued fast performances (6.86, 23.14).

Brian Fair, Jr (AZ Rising Suns) took 2nd in the 200 (23.22) to Ruvo, but won the 400 and 800 with amazing times of 52.79 and 2:11.80, respectively.

Zachary Hollinquest (AZ Burn) and Tre DeCarriere (Accelerate Track) both went under 25-seconds in the 200-meter dash, to take 3rd (24.55) and 4th (24.83), respectively.

Other nice personal improvements in the sprints came in the 400-meter race where hurdling specialist, Yan Vazquez (AZ Flames), went from 59.44 to 58.07 and Avaunt Ortiz (Phoenix Elite) who went from 1:02.17 to just missing a sub-60 performance, as he leaned for a 1:00.33 final time.

Besides Brian Fair, Jr running a great 800-meter time, the 2nd and 3rd place runners broke the 2:20 mark as well. Landon Meche (NX Level) was right behind Fair as he strode in at 2:11.87. And Do Right's Ruben Lerma, (2017 400/800-meter All-American, 11-12 Div) took third with a 2:18.15. Ke'Jzon Lambert (Do Right) had one of the biggest time drops of the day, as we ran 20-seconds faster than his seed time, when he finished in 3:02.42.

The first three finishers in the 1500 m all had great time improvements. Elijah Levin (NX Level) won the 1500 in 4:36.99, which was almost 8 seconds better than his best time this year. Charlie Carrillo (Accelerate Track) took 2nd with a time of 5:17.92 (previous year's best 5:28.11) and 3rd place was Brandon Ludlow (Arizona Speedsters) whose breath was felt by Carrillo as he ran 5:17.92 (his previous best of the year was 5:30.18). Levin earlier in the day took 1st in the 3000 with a 10:08.17 finish.

Yan Vazquez (AZ Flames) won the 55-meter hurdles in 8.62 and the NX Level relay team of Caleb Kelly, Elijah Levin, Landon Meche and Demari Washington took first in the 4x300 in 2:48.36.

In the field events, Colby Miltenberger (Phoenix Bobcats) won the high jump (1.60 m) and the long jump (5.25 m). And finally, in the shot put, Nicholas Le Jander (AZ Cheetahs) won with a good effort of 11.60 m.

15-16 Boys

As we near the high school track season, our USATF registrant numbers in the 15-16 & 17-18 divisions fall greatly. This was the case on Saturday, but we still had some young men participate - here are there results:

  • Camden Mateen (AZ Burn) - 1st place in 55 m (6.72) and 200 m (23.84).

  • Robert Trujillo (Do Right) - improved his 200 m time from 27.75 to 26.10.

  • Jarron Stevens (Huron Athletics) won the 400 m (53.83) and 800 m (2:09.13) - both times were early year personal bests.

  • Russell Noyd (AZ Flames) - dropped from 59.97 to 56.69 in the 400 m.

  • Kenneth Burton (Phoenix Bobcats) - improved his 400-meter time 1:02.15 to 1:00.69.

  • Javier Gonzalez (AZ Flames) - took 2nd in the 800 (2:17.58 - 7-second PR) and 3rd in the 400 m (56.04 - .59-second PR).

  • Alexander Rafferty (NX Level) - won the 1500 m handily in 4:29.40.

  • Jorge Corona (Panthers Athletics) - won the 3000 m in 10:07.50.

  • Alec Lin (Phoenix Bobcats) won the 55-meter hurdles in 9.24.

  • John Gibbs, Jr. (Dream Team) - won the high jump (1.70 m), long jump (6.31 m) and triple jump (12.40 m).

  • Nyle Richards (unattached) - won the pole vault with a height of 3.66 meters.

  • Miles LeBlanc (Arizona Elite) - took 1st place in shot put with a mark of 13.41 m.

17-18 boys

Here's how the 17-18 boys competed on Saturday - some good early season performances:

  • Sean Wray (AZ Flames) - 1st in 55 m (6.64) and 1st in 200 m (22.95).

  • Marquis Griffin (AZ Titans) - 1st in 400 m in 52.47.

  • Zack Prusse (unattached) - just missed breaking 2-minutes in the 800 m, as he took 1st place (2:00.08)

  • Thomas Miles (Mustang Stampede) - won the 1500 m (4:33.39) and took 2nd in the 800 m (2:08.05).

  • Charles Nnantah, Jr (Phoenix Bobcats) - won 55-meter hurdles (8.61)

  • Favian Tippin, Jr (Flight Club) - jumped 1.75 m in the high jump for first place.

  • Timothy Ellis (unattached) - pole vaulted 4.42 m for the win.

  • Gevon Grimes (AZ Burn) - jumped a very respectable 6.38 m for the long jump victory.

  • Tristan Wheeler (Mustang Stamped) - won the triple jump in 11.27 meters.

  • Marcos Figueroa (Arizona Elite) - got that iron ball out there, as he threw the shot put 14.08 meters for the gold medal.

Next meet is this weekend at Alhambra High School in Phoenix - March 3rd, 8 a.m. Registration deadline is Wednesday at 12:01 pm. Hope to see you out there.

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