• David Allison

Help Us Improve USATF AZ

We are having our annual USATF AZ Youth Meeting this weekend on January 7th at the Holiday Inn (1600 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa AZ 85210) at 10:00 am and there we will be discussing and going over several topics for the 2018 season. But, we understand that not everyone can make it out there, so here we are giving you the opportunity to share with us any ideas you think could benefit the association overall. These could be ideas about meets, registration, information being distributed more effectively, results, etc.

Understand, any ideas we are given may not be acted upon until 2019, due to association guidelines, which state that any new proposition or changes to existing association rules have to be brought up in our annual meetings and then voted upon by the association and its members before we can move forward with them. Nonetheless, we still want to know what you like and maybe don't like so much about USATF AZ. Keep it civil and understand that we are all in this together. We all want our association to be a beacon for the rest of the country.

Please send any and all ideas, questions or comments to:


We look forward to hearing from you.


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