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Changes for USATF AZ in 2018

There are a number of changes (we hope for the better) in 2018

It's almost 2018 and that means another awesome season of Arizona track and field.

With so many talented athletes, coaches and volunteers (not to mention supportive parents and relatives) within our USATF AZ family, it is sure to be another stellar year.

There will be a number of, what we feel will be, positive changes to the manner in which we relay information, results and records out to parents, athletes and teams this year.

#1 - New Blog 

This will be the first of many blog posts throughout the 2018 track & field season. The main purpose of this blog is to give a summary and highlights from the past weekend's meet. The goal here is to have a post up no later than Wednesday or Thursday following a meet. There may be other types of blog posts (ex, highlighting a USATF AZ athlete, coach, team or other pertinent information in regards to youth track and field). 

#2 - New Social Media Channels

If you didn't already know, USATF AZ has had a Facebook page for a number of years now; but, this season we have also added other social media platforms to share what is going on within USATF AZ. We now have a twitter page, Instagram page and a Linkedin page for our association. Please start following us and sharing them with your friends and family.

#3 - Updated Website

While our website is the same, we have updated a bunch of the copy and info on our pages. Our track and field schedule will be updated after our January 7th meeting. We have updated our youth records (boys and girls are now separate) and masters' records  (men and women's are now separate) pages. We have also added Girls and Boys All-Time AZ record pages.  And we are currently finishing up our All-American pages, which have all the Arizona athletes who were All-American track & field athletes from 2010 - 2017. In the coming months, we will also have indoor and XC All-American pages for our AZ athletes as well.

#4 - New Email

Moving forward, for any website or social media issues for USATF AZ, please reach out to me via this new email address: webmaster.usatf.az@gmail.com.

#5 - Other Possible Changes On The Horizon

Other possible changes/additions we will be working on this year:

  • Live results

  • Bringing back "Athletes of the Week" page on the website

  • Create a USATF AZ Youtube Channel

  • Photo dropbox, so coaches, parents, clubs can send pics of athletes, which we could then share on our social media channels and website pages.

Those are the changes. We hope you will like them. Please feel free to share your comments and questions with us.

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