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AZ Boys Headed to NC for Junior Olympic Track & Field Nationals

Many of our top Arizona athletes starting tomorrow will see how they fair after months of hard work at the USATF Junior Olympic National Championship meet in Greensboro, North Carolina (July 23-29). This is one of, if not, the most competitive group of United States youth track and field athletes assembled in one place that our AZ kids will face all year. In each event, anywhere from 30 to 60 of the fastest, strongest, most agile and most focused age-group athletes from all over the U.S. will compete for the coveted All-American spots (top-8 finishers in each event).

Today's post is to celebrate all the male athletes and relay teams, who have qualified by placing in the top-5 at the Region 10 Championships in Aurora, CO last weekend.

Let's see what kids made the cut...

8U Boys

  • Arizona Cheetahs qualified (4) relay teams to North Carolina in a couple of weeks. The Cheetahs have (2) 4x100 teams and (2) 4x400 teams - and a couple of these teams could find their way to the podium at nationals.

  • Josiah Davis - Arizona Track Stars - had enough gas in the tank to capture the final qualifying spot in the 400m

  • Kashtin DeVorce - Arizona Cheetahs - took 3rd in the 400m to scan his ticket to the east coast.

  • Bryson Freeman - Elite Striders - showed he has both speed and endurance as he qualified for the 200m and 800m.

  • Beckem Hall - Distance University - found that final 1500m spot to get himself to North Carolina.

  • Ahmad Jones - Huron Athletics - a strong thrower in the javelin, took 2nd place up in the thin air.

  • J'Vaughn Lucas - Flight Club - had a nice day in the shot put as he took 3rd place to make his way east.

  • Dontae McKoy - AZ Flames - won the shot put with a strong throw of 6.34m

  • Paix Montano - Elite Striders - has a chance for two All-American awards over in Greensboro as he comes in hot in the long jump and min-javelin.

  • Karon Perkins - AZ Flames - this fast youngster found three ways to get himself to nationals - long jump, 100m and 200m.

  • Jaylen Richardson - Arizona Cheetahs - got himself deep in the pit to take second in the long jump.

  • Eldaah Sharpe - AZ Cheetahs - used the altitude to his advantage as he placed 2nd in the 200m boys' final.

  • Tristan Solomon - AZ Cheetahs - ran a tough double for this age group by making it in both the 400m and 800m races.

  • Ari'eon Stevenson - AZ Cheetahs - another first young Cheetah boy who you will be seeing in the 200m at nationals.

9-10 Boys

  • Donjerome McKoy Jr - AZ Flames - qualified in the triathlon and shot put to add to the already large AZ flames contingent heading to NC.

  • Noah Roberts - Quicksilver - he's a lower 9-10, but you'd never know it! Noah won both the 200m and 400m to get him a window seat on the plane to Carolina.

  • Lorenzo Cuesta - Do Right - had just enough in the tank to capture the 5th and final spot in the 800m

  • Laqwain Davis - Power Forward - is some athlete! Laqwain won the triathlon, high jump and long jump at Region 10.

  • Brice Heller - Arizona Track Stars - had good turnover in the 200m and 400m to qualify for nationals in both.

  • TreKennard III - Quicksilver - this kid flew into the pit, as he took 2nd in the long jump up in CO.

  • Joseph Lucas Jr - Flight Club - got over that bar with some room to spare as he finds himself qualifying in the high jump.

  • Simon Reynolds - Phoenix Flyers - another Flyer heading to nationals in the javelin, as Simon took 3rd place in only his first year of throwing.

  • Cody Tibbott - Quicksilver - a steady and strong javelin thrower all season, Cody took the silver in CO.

  • Alijah Whiten - Arizona Track Stars - another athlete from the Stars who has some great turnover. Alijah qualified in both the 100m and 200m.

11-12 Boys

  • Keane Abril - Arizona Cheetahs - is yet another strong Cheetahs' thrower, as Abril made it to nationals in the shot put and discus.

  • Darius Alberty - Arizona Track Stars - a great thrower, who seemed to have figured out the aero-javelin quite quickly.

  • Asad Ali - Arizona Track Stars - makes it with a bronze medal in the 80m hurdles.

  • Arizona Cheetahs qualified a fast boys 4x100 team, who might be able make some heads turn in NC.

  • Geramiah Flunder - Arizona Rising Suns - one of the top runners for his age in AZ and he showed why as he qualified in very competitive fields in the 100m, 200m and 400m.

  • Ean McAuley - NX Level - ran the longest race on the track in the high altitude to garner the final qualifying spot in the 3000m.

  • Pry'nce Millman - Huron Athletics - a great 9-10 athlete, who is now 11, made it in the long jump and pentathlon.

  • Arizona Rising Suns qualified a 4x400 team to nationals.

  • AZ Burn also qualified a 4x400 team to nationals.

  • Jake Blair - Phoenix Flyers - once again finds his way to nationals for the third year in a row in the boys' javelin.

  • Cameron Cooke - Arizona Cheetahs - a fast young man who will be setting up in the blocks for the 100 m in NC.

  • Royal Haley - an excellent Arizona youth runner, who might make some noise back east in the 400m and 800m races.

  • Weslan Hunter - Arizona Cheetahs - will rev up his engine in the 200m and 400m races after a very strong Region 10 performance.

  • Destin Jones - Power Forward - three-peated at the Region 10 meet in the long jump, high jump and pentathlon - could be a person to watch for All-American honors.

  • Braden Lolli - Phoenix Flyers - gutted out a good race in the 1500m to catch the final spot for North Carolina.

  • Phoenix Flyers - their 4x800 relay punched their ticket to NC after a long day due to lightning warnings in Aurora.

  • Elijah Roberson - Elite Striders - has nice range as he will compete in the 200m, 400m and and the shot put in NC.

  • Nizer Smith - AZ Flames - talk about athleticism. Nizer will compete in the 80m H, javelin and high jump at nationals this year.

  • Legend Stewart - AZ Flames - flew over those 80m hurdles for the win in CO to get a chance and national prominence in NC.

  • Cree Thomas - Arizona Track Stars - yet another diverse athlete who will compete in Greensboro in the 80m hurdles, high jump and long jump.

  • James Wagner - NX Level - will see how high he can fly over the bar in the high jump at Aggie Stadium.

13-14 Boys

  • Eyitayo Omotinugbon - Arizona Cheetahs - punched the shot into the dirt to capture 5th place and a shot at competing with the big boys in NC.

  • AZ Burn qualified two fast relays for nationals - 4x100 and 4x400.

  • Brian Fair Jr. - Arizona Rising Suns - is one of the top runners in the nation in the 400m. Brian will also toe the line in the 200m and 800m races, where he has a good shot as well at All-American immortality.

  • Cameron Fuse - Elite Striders - is throws specialist who will look for some new PRs out in North Carolina.

  • Nicholas LeJander - Arizona Cheetahs - will throw in three different disciplines out in Greensboro - javelin, shot put and discus.

  • Landon Meche - NX Level - is having a great season and let's see if it continues for him out in nationals in the 200m, 400m and 800m.

  • Colby Miltenberger - Phoenix Bobcats - has had a super strong season and will see how it end out in nationals as he competes in the 100m hurdles, long jump and 100m dash.

  • John Ruvo IV - Phoenix Bobcats - if you can, keep your eyes on Ruvo as he will be looking to make his mark with two All-American honors in the 100m and 200m.

  • Zachary Taylor - Arizona Track Stars - is good over the hurdles and will show his ability out east as he competes in both the 100m and 200m hurdles events.

  • David Teso - Unattached - is one of the better athletes coming out of AZ. He'll be high jumping, throwing the discus and shot put as well as competing in the pentathlon out in Carolina.

  • Yan Vazquez - AZ Flames - has a chance at greatness out in NC. Yan will compete as the top Region 10 performer in the 100m and 200m hurdels. Yan also qualified in the high jump, long jump and pentathlon - so he may have quite a busy week if he decides to register for all these events.

  • Demari Washington - NX Level - flashed down the straightaway in Aurora to get one of the five qualifying spots in the 100m.

15-16 Boys

  • Christopher Montes Jr - Tucson Elite - continues the long line of strong high jumpers coming from Tucson as he took 5th in Aurora to make his way to NC.

  • Nathan Pavelchik - NX Level - finds the final spot in the 800m and hopes to continue to improve as he travels east of the Mississippi.

  • John Weston - NX Level - won the steeple chase for a chance to go against the nation's best in Greensboro, NC.

  • Jordan Black - Arizona Track & Field Academy - gets to compete at the National junior Olympic meet by qualifying in both the 1500m and 3000m races.

  • Leopold Bond - Phoenix Flyers - put it all together in Aurora as he PR'd and qualified in all four events he competed in - long jump, triple jump, 100m and 200m. Leo will only be competing in the jumps at Nationals, though.

  • Brendon James - Phoenix Bobcats - can both throw and jump as he qualified for nationals in the javelin and long jump.

  • Eric Lopez - Glendale Flash - one of the many strong distance kids from the Flash. Eric will compete in the steeple out in NC.

  • Lorenzo Mars - Tucson Elite - qualified in the 400m hurdles for his chance at even greater improvement out in Greensboro.

  • NX Level qualified two relay teams to nationals - 4x400 and 4x800 - don't sleep on that 4x800 team out in Carolina.

  • Alexander Rafferty - NX Level - has been a strong middle distance runner at the state and national level for a couple years now. He will be competing in the 800m and 1500m races this week at Aggie Stadium.

  • Thomas Soriano - NX Level - will be traveling to NC for the 400m and most likely a relay or two.

  • Tommy Thompson - Unattached - ran some pretty solid times in the 400m and 800m to punch his ticket to the greenery of North Carolina.

17-18 Men

  • Alec Almendarez - Unattached - will be heading east bound for the 1500m open race.

  • Matthew Kaitschuck - Unattached - qualified in the javelin with a chance to improve with a farther throw at JOs.

  • Charles Nnanth Jr - Phoenix Bobcats - will be circling the oval one time in the 400m out in NC.

  • Brant Ralph - Unattached - sliced the air well enough in CO to make it to Carolina soil.

  • Francisco Reyes - Glendale Flash - another steeple chaser from the Flash heading to a more humid climate this week out in Greensboro.

  • Joshua Scott - Unattached - one of those crazy strong guys who throw the hammer out at A&T.

  • Adrian Teso - Unattached - yep, another AZ hammer thrower who is hoping to land that steel ball a bit farther this week.

  • Adam Whitehead Douglas - Huron Athletics - heading to NC for the 3000m.

  • Sean Wray - AZ Flames - qualified in the 100m and 200m. Wray hopes to duck under 11-seconds and knock a few tenths off his 200m time as well out in Carolina.

  • Benjamin Adames - Glendale Flash - another distance runner from the Flash who will be competing in the 3000m.

  • Jesus Aldana - Glendale Flash - made it in the 1500m and steeple chase - he's hoping to knock those times down a bit at Aggie Stadium.

  • Arizona Speedstars qualified two relay teams to nationals - 4x400 and 4x100.

  • Trayvion Austin - Tucson Elite - don't miss out on watching Trayvion compete this week. He may just be on the podium in a few events. He qualified in the 100m, 200m and long jump.

  • Tyler Bailey - Arizona Elite - qualified for JO Nationals in the javelin with a 4th place mark in Aurora.

  • Parker Bays - Tucson Elite - will be heading to NC for both the discus and shot put.

  • Elisha Brooks - Unattached - ran a very strong time in the 400m hurdles to get him to nationals.

  • Luis Cisneros - Glendale Flash - another distance product from the Flash who will be running in the 3000m.

  • Glendale Flash qualified three relays to JO Nationals - (2) 4x800 teams and a 4x400 squad.

  • Cy Harris - Unattached - 400m focus this week for Cy as he tries to dip under 50-seconds.

  • Orion Hunter - Unattached - a pole vaulter who will be making his way hopefully up and over the bar many times once in NC.

  • Carlan Naisant - AZ Flames - one of the top javelin throwers in the U.S., will also be competing in the shot put over in Carolina as well.

  • James Smith - AZ Flames - has been a force in the hurdles all over the U.S. this year and will continue his dominance hopefully in North Carolina for a final curtain call.

  • Favian Tippin Jr - Flight Club - high jump specialist making his way to Aggie Stadium this week.

  • Tucson Elite qualified two relays for nationals - 4x100 and 4x400 - they may be able to make some noise once on NC ground.

  • Anthony Vela - Glendale Flash - you guessed it - another distance kid from the Flash. He will be competing in the 3000m.

  • Zemar Willis - Power Forward - middle distance kid looking to improve his time at nationals.

  • Omar Carillo - Tucson Elite - is a triple jumper who wants to keep going farther out in Greensboro.

  • Cristian Guillen - Glendale Flash - will look to finish up his high school career on a strong note out in NC in the 800m.

  • Cameron Peters - Phoenix Flyers - took 2nd in the long jump in CO and looks to improve upon that PR out in NC this week.

There you go. All the boys who made it to the USATF Junior Olympic National meet. Congratulations to one and all! Safe travels to those taking the journey back east. Let's show what sort of athletes Arizona produces...We are already so proud of you!

Go Arizona!

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